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Paige Naylor’s work ranges from electronic to pop, from drone to rock, from free improvisation to meticulously produced. It sits between experimental and pop culture striving to evoke an enigmatic genre. “Joanna Newsom fans take note,” writes WHURK Magazine. Other comparisons and influences include Jenny Hval, Kate Bush, Laurie Anderson, Julia Holter and Katelyn Aurelia Smith.

Naylor is a classically trained vocalist and electro-acoustic performer, having performed at SEAMUS, Third Practice, Electronic Music Midwest, etc, with a B.A. in Music and a secondary major in Psychology from the University of Mary Washington. Her straight-tone soprano voice has been described as “pure,” possessing “clarity and sweetness.” In 2017, she earned her Deep Listening Certificate from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She facilitates monthly workshops as a Bridge Fellow at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative in Charlottesville, VA. In reference to these Deep Listening workshops, C-VILLE Weekly writes, “Paige Naylor leads a journey of awareness.”

Paige is a teaching artist through MIMA (Modern Improvisational Music Appreciation) Music, teaching collaborative songwriting to at-risk kids. Together, they write and record songs with the overarching goal of improving the socio-emotional environment of each specific class. She strives to create an inclusive and patient environment and is noted for her exceptional ability “to clearly explain things step by step, to peacefully ask for respect, and to balance positivity and honesty.” She is also a private piano, voice, composition, & electronic music instructor of 5 years.

Locally, Naylor plays a mix of live processed vocals, samplers, analog and digital synthesizers, vocoders and drum machines for different projects including palice, pnqbud, SW33T T00TH, & Null Set. Naylor is currently the sound designer for the podcast Notes on the State and the composer/performer for the electro-pop opera The Near Misses premiering in Charlottesville, spring 2019.


contact: pnaylor923(at)gmail(dot)com




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Front page photo shot by Alan Goffinski. Edited by Paige Naylor.

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